A Change In Altitude – by Anita Shreve (2009)


A Change In Altitude
This is the second book I have read this year about mountain climbing. The first book was “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer. That was the chilling true story of a journalist who was part of an expedition that climbed Mount Everest. “A Change In Altitude”, on the other hand, is a novel.

The story revolves around Margaret, a young woman who is spending a year in Kenya with her husband, who is a doctor. Patrick studies contagious diseases and runs free health clinics for the nationals, while Margaret freelances as a photographer. The young couple finds housing with a British couple, who invite them to go mountain-climbing on Mount Kenya.

Margaret accepts the mountain climb rather naively. The adventure ends badly, and from that point on, her stay in Kenya seems jinxed. It is like dominoes falling, one after the other. She begins to wonder what on earth she is doing in Kenya. But Margaret isn’t one to give up, and eventually gets control of her life again.





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