Jean Handbag

completed jean handbag


It started off as a random muse. My granddaughter had several jeans with holes in the knees. Other than that, the fabric was in good shape. What a shame to throw these out, I thought. Hmmmm, maybe I can make something out of the good parts. So I cut out the intact parts of the jeans, including the pockets, and discarded the rest. My mom also happened to be discarding some jeans, which she offered me. They were a different shade of blue, but so what?


Jean handbag a

(The thread tension kept jamming up and snapping, and the turn-handle fell off repeatedly.)

converting t

(converting one of my dishtowels into the inside of the handbag)


I decided to make a jean handbag. My grandmother’s manual sewing machine was in the closet, where it had been for years. After dusting it off and re-learning how to thread it, I went to work. After some trial and error, and eventually switching to a different sewing machine that didn’t malfunction, I finished it!




(I sewed a butterfly onto the handbag with some old embroidery thread)


The best thing about this project was that I didn’t have to spend a penny to make it. I used old blue-jeans, one of my flour-sack dishtowels (for the inner lining), and a butterfly that I cut out of an old t-shirt that didn’t fit. It doesn’t look professional, and those who know how to sew properly would probably cringe at some of the flawed details of my project. But the handbag will work just fine for me, and I look forward to doing other sewing projects in the future.




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