Company’s Coming


(Picture courtesy of Brown’s Car Store)

Some of my best memories as a kid were of relatives coming to visit. We would eagerly watch for their car to turn into the driveway, and exhausted cousins to pile out of the car, clothes crumpled and bleary-eyed from their long drive. Other times we were the ones making the long trip in an overloaded car. Either way, it was always a fantastic time spent with people we love.

One of the great things about having company visit is the effect it has on one’s housekeeping. Suddenly my eyes are opened, and I see every bit of clutter, the spiderwebs along the ceiling, the chaos just below the bathroom sinks, and the untidy condition of my kitchen drawers (which they are sure to see during their visit). Eeek, how have I allowed things to get this bad?!

So this weekend will an attempt to set things in order at our house. Our visitors probably really won’t care what the house looks like, but I’ll give it a shot. In the end, I know that we’ll have a fantastic time, and no one will really care what sort of housekeeper I am…


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