About Those Vanity Bulbs…

2016-06-04 discarded lightbulbs

When we first moved into our house almost 20 years ago, the bathrooms contained a row of 6 vanity bulbs, each 60 watts. That meant 360 watts fired up every time someone stepped in the room, and they remained on through long showers multiple times a day. As the bulbs burned out – and they burned out quickly –  I replaced them with 40 watt vanity bulbs, then 25 watt vanity bulbs.

I looked into LED bulbs for the bathrooms several years ago, but at $12 a bulb, decided to wait till the price came down. We’ve finally taken the plunge – no more incandescent vanity bulbs! Now each bathroom has 6 LED bulbs that use only 7 watts of electricity, for a total of 42 watts. They produce brighter light than the old bulbs, don’t heat up the bathroom, and use a fraction of the electricity.

If you’re looking to save on your electric bill, and are still using 5 or 6 old-fashioned vanity bulbs, consider picking up some LED replacements at your local hardware store.


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