Trying Out Aldi’s Grocery Store

2016-06-21 shopping cart at Aldi


Several days ago I decided it was the perfect time to introduce the granddaughter to grocery-shopping, and in particular, shopping at Aldi’s. The goal was to teach her the following:

1, decide how much money we have to work with

2, write down a list of what foods we need, and

3, make it through the grocery store buying only what is on the list.

So we wrote down a list of food we needed and set ourselves a limit of $50. Okay, so I realize $50 isn’t an entire week’s supply of food, but I didn’t want to overwhelm her. The principle is the same.

We drove to Aldi’s and I showed her how to put a quarter in the slot of the shopping cart, and pointed out to her that there was not a single loose cart in the parking lot, since people have to return the cart to get their quarter back.

2016-06-21 putting quarter in shopping cart

Once inside, the granddaughter commented, “This store is really small!” Yes it is small, because it carries only the basics.

2016-06-21 entering Aldi

We went down the four rows, grabbing only the items on our list, and jotting down the price that was listed on the shelf edge. Milk was a bargain – $1.49 a gallon, as were the eggs – just $.49 a dozen!

2016-06-21 eggs on sale at Aldi

Just before checkout, she rounded off each item on the list to the nearest dollar, and said we had enough money. Then I showed her how to quickly put everything on the conveyor belt so the cashier could get everything scanned. The total came out to $36.28.

If you’ve never tried out an Aldi’s store, give it a visit, and see what a difference it can make in your budget.

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