The Experiment – by Todd Temple (1998)

The Experiment.jpg

Matt Chen and Tina Lockhart share a World Religions high school class.. Other than that, they have absolutely nothing in common. Tina is traditional and of the Christian faith; Matt is alternative/eclectic and an atheist. During the Christianity unit of the semester class, the teacher offers an extra-credit assignment: try doing what Jesus would do for two weeks, and see if it’s even possible to do. Matt and Tina are the only students who take her up on the challenge.

Tina takes the challenge because she thinks it will be an easy way to show her faith, and Matt does it because he needs to pull up his class grade. Neither one anticipates how difficult it will be. By the end of the two weeks, both of them have a whole new perspective on life.

As I read this slim book for the second time (I read it about 15 years ago), I was again reminded that a life of following Jesus is not an easy life. Jesus didn’t have a trouble-free life here on earth, and none of us can expect life to go smoothly either. But walking in His footsteps gives us peace inside that we can’t get anywhere else. He’ll walk with us through every trial and never leave us or forsake us. You can count on that.



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