Introvert Power – by Laurie Helgoe (2013)

Introvert Power


I was browsing the e-book section of my library’s website when I spotted this book. There have been a number of books in the last few years on the topic, including “Quiet”, “The Introvert Advantage”, and “The Awakened Introvert”, none of which I have read. So I downloaded the book to my Kindle and started reading. Before long, I had paragraphs highlighted all over the place. Wow – the book described me perfectly!

Some people love to constantly talk with others, go places every day, and interact with people to the max. The more time they spend with others, the more energized they become. Even after working all day with people, they may enjoy going to a party or out to dinner with a group. Simply put, people energize them. They are extroverts, and they seem to dominate our society.

Other people -introverts – prefer to live introspectively, stay home, have meaningful one-on-one conversations, and think in a quiet environment. They draw energy from solitude. The author did an excellent job of describing the agony introverts go through as they try to function at parties. She also pointed out that they are often forced to pretend to be extroverts at work to fit in, an unnatural condition for them.

As I read the book, it made me grateful that God didn’t make us all carbon copies of each other. He created us with a wild array of personalities and characteristics. It’s up to us to appreciate the individuality of the people we live, work, and play with.

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