eastern fox squirrel

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia


This morning I was in the kitchen, and out of the corner of my eye saw something rush across the deck just outside the sliding door. A few seconds later it reappeared. It was a large brown squirrel – and a bold one. It stared straight at me through the glass, as if to ask what I was doing there. We’ve never seen a squirrel on our property in all the years that we’ve lived here. Now I was having a stare-down with one.

About an hour later, I grabbed the wet laundry from the washing machine and headed out to my clothesline to hang it. As soon as I set down the laundry basket and started pinning up washcloths, I heard a screeching noise coming from one of the tall skinny trees. Then the brown furry head of a squirrel popped out of the tree, and glared down at me. “You again?” I said. The creature continued to screech as I tried to ignore it. Go away! It yelled. I looked him in the eye and said, “Hey you – me and my clothesline were here way before you were. So leave me alone!” But it refused to leave, or to quiet down. Obviously it has claimed our yard as his home. So much for that quiet, contemplative time outside…



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