Misdiagnosed – by Jody Berger (2014)



Jody had some mild tingling in her fingers and toes. When it didn’t go away, she scheduled an appointment with her primary care doctor. That doctor sent her on to a neurologist. The neurologist sent her for an MRI, and quickly diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Jody was shocked, and felt that the doctor had been overly hasty in his diagnosis. In her quest to find the truth, she visited many alternative medical experts. She went to Canada, Mexico, and India. In the end, she found that she had a gluten intolerance, totally changed her diet, and the tingling in her hands and feet disappeared.

This was a quick and interesting read. I appreciated the way she high-lighted the efforts of alternative medicine doctors. This is an area that should be included in health care. But she seemed to write off the first two – the traditional – doctors very quickly. True, the alternative gurus did figure out that she had been suffering from gluten intolerance most of her life. The traditional doctors should have listened better, and investigated her symptoms more thoroughly. But in her efforts to declare that she did NOT have Multiple Sclerosis, she forgot that it is possible for a person to have more than one thing wrong with them at a time.

Jody had an obvious advantage over most of us. She had enough free time and money to be able to fly to different countries and try different tests and treatments. This is not an option the average American has. It’s sad that most patients will have only the traditional medical care available to them. So much of what alternative medicine offers would be beneficial to all of us.

I am happy for the author that she has relief from her symptoms, and hopefully she is correct in her conclusions about not having Multiple Sclerosis. Most people seem to be totally sold on either traditional medicine or alternative medicine. I believe we can benefit from each approach. Let’s try to learn from experts on each side.



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