The Escape – by David Baldacci (2014)

The Escape

“The Escape” is the story of two brothers, Robert and and John Jr. These brothers chose their father’s life passion – the military – to be their passion as well. Both served their country well, and were promoted for their dedication. Their father, John Sr. Puller, is now in a nursing home with dementia, barely able to recognize his sons. Something has gone awry, though, and Robert is now serving a life sentence in a maximum-security military prison for being a spy. But was Robert really a spy, or was he set up?

One night, during a severe thunderstorm, the power goes out in the prison. Then the back-up generators fail as well, allowing the prisoners’ cell doors to unlock. By the time power is restored and all the inmates are secured, one prisoner is missing – Robert. The race is on for the military to capture Robert, and for his brother John Jr. to prove that his brother was never guilty of betraying his country.

What I loved most about the story was how the author focused on not just the military plot, but also on the personal relationship between the two brothers and their father. You can feel the conflicted emotions of both the father and the son John. Neither one is one hundred percent sure of whether Robert is guilty or innocent. But even if Robert is guilty, they love him and try to help him, each in their own way. And that is how family is supposed to be. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, whether you’re guilty as sin or wrongly accused, they will still love and support you.

The book is actually the third book in the John Puller series. However, I read it without the benefit of having read the first two books, and had no trouble understanding it. This book could easily be a stand-alone story of the Puller family. You can find this page-turning novel at your favorite bookstore or at your local library.

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