When Life Resembles A Movie – Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

For the past two months, our son has been in gradual recovery from a near-fatal car accident. Although he had been making good progress, he woke up yesterday morning with a lot of abdominal pain. We were scheduled for a doctor’s appointment at 11:00 am already, so he tried to eat a little in the hopes that he would feel better. It did not help. At 10:30 he got into the car with great difficulty. Instead of the crutches that he had been using, I had to use the wheelchair to get him into the doctor’s office, and into the exam room. By this time he was doubled over with pain. The doctor came in, and within 60 seconds said: you need to go to the emergency room. The nurse called an ambulance, and he was whisked off to the hospital, the same one he was rushed to the day of the accident. A CT scan showed some sort of blockage in his intestines, so he was admitted to the hospital because the doctor thought he might need surgery. Our son was kept inpatient until this afternoon, when the problem resolved itself and he was sent home. We were all grateful that no surgery was needed, as that would have been his fifth surgery in two months.

After we got home, our son said that when he was in the ambulance, he looked at the lady who was putting in his IV. She seemed so familiar to him, with a calm voice, uniquely-styled hair, and dark green eyes. Where had he seen her before? Then he remembered – she was the person who had been with him in the ambulance the day of the accident! It was the first time he had remembered anything from the accident day. So he was given the rare opportunity to personally thank the EMT as she worked on him in the ambulance once again.

This was so much like the movie “Angel Eyes”, released in 2001. It’s about a man who survives a terrible car accident he is unable to remember, and the female police officer who reaches him first as he is bleeding out in his car. Their paths cross several years later, but neither of them recognizes the other. The movie addresses some very serious topics, including abusive relationships, traumatic amnesia, hatred toward cops, and forgiveness. Jennifer Lopez and Jim Caviezel play the parts of the main characters, and are outstanding in their performances. The movie is rated R for language, violence, and some sexuality. It is not a movie for children, or those looking for a light-hearted movie, but if you chose to watch it, I think you will find the ending of the movie quite profound.


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