The Healing Quilt – by Lauraine Snelling (2002)

The Healing Quilt

It was an odd co-incidence to discover this book while I was making a quilt with a good friend who is a talented crafter. My son was in the hospital at the time, and she suggested I needed something to do with my hands. So I slowly – agonizingly slowly – worked on sewing small squares of fabric onto trapezoid-shaped card-stock. After the trapezoids were joined into five long strips, my friend sewed them onto dark gray fabric, and added the back of the quilt and the edging. The end result was, as she dubbed it, “a manly quilt”. It was perfect for my son when he got out of the hospital.

This book tells the story of a group of women who live in the same town, and are all going through private tribulations. None of them know the others very well. The town seems to be having a rash of breast cancer cases, and the only hospital in town has an outdated mammogram machine. So the women decide to make a spectacular quilt to auction off to raise funds for a new machine that will be more accurate and detect cancer earlier.

At first each woman keeps her trouble to herself. Kit’s husband left her several months ago and she’s pretending he’s just away on a job assignment. Elaine struggles with a feud with her neighbor, and a workaholic husband. Teza is an older woman living on a farm who fears her cancer will re-occur. And Beth agonizes over an abortion she had years ago that no one knows about. Other women join the quilt project, each with her own burdens. As they work together, it becomes a time of renewed faith and healing for all of them.

I must confess it took me almost as long to read this book as it did to complete the trapezoids for the quilt. My concentration for reading was atrocious the entire time my son was hospitalized. I kept stopping and starting this book, and any other other book I tried to read.  But the ability to read and enjoy a book is coming back to me, so you can count on more book reviews coming up!

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