Blackout – by John J. Nance (2000)

Blackout - by John J Nance
John Nance is the master of aviation fiction. He served as an Air Force pilot both in Vietnam and in Iraq during Desert Storm. He is well acquainted with the topic of “things that can go wrong while you are in the air.” Nance’s novels revolve around aircraft, government, conspiracies, and bad guys of all sorts. Two of his books, “Pandora’s Clock” and “Medusa’s Child”, were made into television miniseries.

“Blackout” begins with FBI agent Kat Bronsky investigating the crash of a huge commercial airliner, followed by another tragic crash. The first plane is lost over the ocean, the second one in the jungles of Vietnam. The main pilot dies mid-air, and the co-pilot is struck with blindness. Kat suspects terrorists caused the crashes. She manages to pluck a few survivors from the jungle, but they soon find themselves running for their lives from unknown thugs who want them all dead.

I have read a few of John Nance’s novels, and have found all of them to be good reads. They are also available as audiobooks. I enjoyed listening to “Blackout” in my car as the author read it aloud. Check out a suspense-filled Nance book at any local public library, and enjoy!

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