When You Can’t Read

When You Can't Read

(picture from the Beaverton City, Oregon’s library’s website)

Books are one of my great joys in life. I started this blog almost two years ago to have a place to share about books I enjoyed. But sometimes I go through a reading desert – a time when I just can’t concentrate well enough to enjoy a book. This is such a time.

Most of my past twelve days have been spent in the hospital with my son, who was in a life-threatening car accident. When you come within a hair’s breadth of losing someone precious to you, all energy and prayer are focused on that person. I’ve tried reading while I’m in his room but it’s impossible at this point. So I’ll wait a bit, until things settle down, and then pick up reading again. Until then, you keep reading…


Author: alwaysreading2014

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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