CraftSanity Magazine – by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood (2016)

Craftsanity Magazine

Although I’m having a reading desert when it comes to books right now, I’m really loving the newest issue of “CraftSanity” magazine. Jennifer is a local college professor, staff adviser for the student newspaper, multi-talented crafter, and wife and mother. While my passion is reading, Jennifer’s passion is clearly anything handmade.

The magazine spotlights all kinds of artistic work. There’s the story about Yulia Brodskaya, the young woman who designed a postage stamp picture using paper quilling (curling strips of paper and creating pictures with them). There’s the story – and beautiful photos – of a condemned house in Detroit which was turned into an urban flower jungle inside. The displays throughout the house were made from cut flowers and plants, so it only lasted for one weekend. Other articles feature a widow who is constantly knitting hats and mittens for the homeless and hospitalized, a favorite vegetarian meal plan, crochet recipes, and a pattern for the unusual quilt featured on the front cover as part of a homemade tent.

I was also very moved by her letter at the beginning of the magazine, which tells about the long road this magazine has taken over the past few years.

To see more of Jennifer’s fantastic ideas, check out her website:

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