Libraries And Winter Reading Programs

Stillwater PL Oklahoma

(Stillwater Public Library in Oklahoma)


Okay, I confess – I have the winter doldrums, and even my interest for reading is hit and miss these days. With the daylight hours short, and very little sunshine, my mind feels dull. By eight o’clock in the evening, my body says it’s time to crawl into bed. In the morning, I long to stay under the covers and vegetate away my day. Life seems to shrink down in the winter. What’s a person to do?

Chicago Ridge in IL

(Chicago Ridge Library in Illinois)


Well, sometimes you just have to make yourself do things. So I get up, get kids off to daycare and school, fix meals, do housework, run errands, and go to work. I also keep my eye out for the next great book to read. One thing that has pushed me to keep reading this winter is my local library’s winter reading program. Libraries all over the country offer an incentive to keep their patrons reading. Generally, you sign up to read a certain number of books, and when you’ve met the goal, you collect a bookbag or a mug or some other nifty reward.

Here are some sample pictures from libraries’ winter reading programs:

Dover PL in DE

(Dover Public Library in Delaware)



Warren-Newport PL in IL

(Warren-Newport Public Library in Illinois)



Norwalk PL in Ohio

(Norwalk Public Library in Ohio)



Berkeley Co Lib SC

(Berkeley County Library in South Carolina)


But my favorite picture has got to be this one:
Marion PL in IA

(Marion Public Library in Iowa)


We’re at the end of January, but most libraries continue their winter reading programs through February. It’s not too late to be part of the experience. Stop in your local public library and get back to reading!

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