A Year In Provence – by Peter Mayle (1989)

A Year In Provence


Sometimes you just want a book that makes you laugh, one that lifts you far away from the drab winter days. This is such a book. Peter Mayle and his wife were a well-to-do British couple who vacationed in southern France, and dreamed of living there someday. One year they packed up their dogs, and bought a fixer-up house in Provence, a rural French community. They decided to totally re-do the house, and discovered that the local craftsmen often had a different idea of time and deadlines than the British. Their attempts to repair walls and ceilings, install central air conditioning, and re-model the kitchen were hilarious!

I listened to the story on CDs during my commute to work. Certain portions of the book had me laughing so hard in the car that my sides hurt. The author himself read the book. Mr. Mayle read with such animation that I think he was reliving the experience as he spoke. His British accent, along with frequent interludes into the French language, made the sound a delight to the ears. Borrow a copy of the book or audiobook from your library, and enjoy this departure from the ordinary life!


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