A Budget You Can Live With – Television, part 2

The Roku 3 television streaming player menu screen featuring Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu, and Redbox Instant is shown on a television in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013. Roku Inc. announced an all-new family of streaming players, Roku LT, Roku 1 and Roku 2, which are designed to provide a better TV experience. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images
(Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

To see part 1, click link below:

In part 1, I wrote about traditional cable television. Although millions of people still subscribe to cable tv, millions are switching over to alternatives. These options require you to have an internet connection. But as long as you have high-speed internet and some kind of smart TV/computer/device to play it on, you should be able to use these streaming services:

Netflix: $9.00 a month for unlimited viewing of movies and TV shows. If you have one of the new 4K televisions, you can pay $12.00 a month for the platinum plan that will give you some 4K programming.

Amazon Instant Video: Instant Video is part of the Amazon Prime bundle, which gives free 2-day shipping. Amazon Prime costs $99.00 a year, or $8.25 a month. They have lots of movies and some tv shows.

I-Tunes: This is Apple’s pay-per-view online movie/TV show. Prices vary.

Hulu Plus: $7.99 a month for tons of TV shows that recently aired on broadcast channels, as well as Hulu original TV shows and many movies. There are commercials, however.

Sling TV: $20.00 a month for Best Of Live TV package, 65 cable channels

Vudu: Walmart’s pay-per-view movie service, $3.99 – $5.99 per movie

Google Play: Google’s pay-per-view movie/TV show service, $4.00 – $5.00 per movie

Crackle: Free online movies, with commercials. This site is limited to Sony movies and television series, so it’s a smaller collection.

Some of these options can end up being just as expensive as cable tv, especially the pay-per-view ones. But others, like Hulu Plus or Netflix, could save you money on your home budget.


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