Who On Earth Is Trent Hamm?


Who on earth is Trent Hamm? Trent is an ordinary guy living in Iowa who faced what he calls “Financial Armageddon” a number of years ago, and managed to get his life and finances back on track. It was a painful process, but he he slowly dug himself out of the situation he was in. He began a blog about his adventures in handling money, and called it “The Simple Dollar”. Eventually he turned over the website to someone else, but he still writes many of the articles.

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs about how people manage and make money, and get rid of debt. But the thing that sets Trent’s story apart is how gut-wrenchingly honest he is. There’s no sugar-coating, no pretending he’s got it entirely together, no condescending attitude. I was deeply moved by the 10-part article from 2006 that told of his journey from financial chaos to financial well-being. It leaves you thinking: Hey, if Trent can turn his life and finances around, so can I! Here’s the link to part one of his story (you’ll see the links to the other nine parts at the end of the article):


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