Typewriter: The History, The Machines, The Writers – by Tony Allan (2015)


Before there were tablets, laptops or computers, there were typewriters. This tiny book traces the history of the humble typewriter, from the 1714 Henry Mill model (of which there are no surviving models) to the all-capital-letters 1808 model by Pollegrino Turri, to the pincushion Hansen Writing Ball of 1865, to the Remingtons and IBMs of the 1900s.

What I loved about this book most was the wide variety of models, some quite bizarre. My favorite was the 1904 Mignon typewriter shown on page 26, a model so strange it seemed almost impossible to use. I also liked the list of museums around the world that contained typewriters, some of them having hundreds or thousands of typewriters.

About half of the page space is devoted to drawings and photos, and the book itself is only 96 pages long. So you can leisurely read it in one sitting. There are other books that go into much greater detail, but this book was just right for my taste.


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