Reading Your Way To A Frugal Life


I read for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s to educate myself about an upcoming election. Sometimes it’s to learn how to do something. Often I read just for enjoyment – a good fiction book or a biography about an interesting person. But more and more, I find myself seeking out reading material on living a frugal lifestyle.

First I sought out books on the subject. The concept of frugal was usually combined with ideas for simplifying one’s lifestyle. A few of them were good enough that I wrote up book reviews about them. Others seemed to have too much outdated material in them.

Then I started exploring websites and blogs. It seemed that a lot of them were written by stay-at-home moms with young children. That does make sense, since the years of having kids with only one parent working can really make paying the bills difficult. But I was looking for something that was a bit broader, a site that would have ideas for people of all ages and situations. That’s when I found “The Simple Dollar”.

“The Simple Dollar” was started by Trent Hamm in 2006, the year he decided he needed a totally change in his financial lifestyle. In less than a year, he had gotten out of debt and developed a way of handling money that really seemed to work. He decided to share his ideas on a blog, and “The Simple Dollar” was born. The blog got such a huge following that it started showing up in Forbes magazine and other publications. Eventually Trent sold it to the Soda media company, but continues to be a main writer.

This website is chocked full of great articles on everything: making a budget that works for you, having a frugal wedding, choosing a car, IRAs, emergency funds, meal plans, credit cards, jobs, building your own bed-frame, and tons more. If you’re looking for some good, down-to-earth advise, this is an excellent website to read.


Author: alwaysreading2014

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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