The Thanksgiving Visitor – by Truman Capote (1967)

The Thanksgiving Dinner


This short story is about a second-grade boy named Buddy. He lives with three spinster aunts and one uncle. They do their best to raise Buddy, and he comes to consider Aunt Sook as his best friend. Thanksgiving Day is coming, and Buddy is looking forward to the annual gathering at their house. But to his horror, Aunt Sook invites Odd Henderson, the bully who has been tormenting him at school, to join them for Thanksgiving dinner.

The book made me think about how different we all are, and what it’s like when you stick people together in a close situation such as a special dinner. Holidays aren’t always going to be perfect, since the people themselves are imperfect. But being gracious and extending love to those who are not lovely can be life-changing.



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