This Day Is A Gift

Autumn Leaves by Nick Coombs

Photo courtesy of Nick Coombs from

Today was about as close to perfect as you could get. Every time I think we’ve had our last sunny, warm autumn day, God blesses us with yet another day to love. It’s mid-November, and most years we would be well into the dreary, cold part of the year. Instead, it was about 60 degrees. The kids in the neighborhood ran and screamed and threw a football around. They got out chalk and decorated the sidewalks and driveways with their art. A few of us adults took a walk, stopping to talk to other adults who were outside, working on their lawns or exercising their dogs. After the walk, I threw open the doors and windows to get some of that sweet autumn air inside.

Too soon winter will descend on us. Cold and gray will be the norm, and we will pray for an early spring. But today I totally appreciate the beauty of this day. Thank you, God!

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