What Janie Found – by Caroline B. Cooney (2000)

What Janie Found

Life just hasn’t been right for Janie Johnson (really Jennie Spring) ever since she spotted a picture of herself on a milk carton in the high school cafeteria. She has been juggling two sets of parents, and two sets of home, one in Connecticut and one in New Jersey. But at least she is starting to feel close to her siblings. And she in on speaking terms with her ex-boyfriend Reeve again.

About the time it seems that life might be falling into place, Janie’s father has both a heart attack and a stroke that leave him in serious condition at the hospital. While trying to help her mother pay the bills, Janie comes across some paperwork that stuns her. She has been betrayed yet again. The only thing she wants now is to find the scumbag who kidnapped her all those years ago and ruined her life.

This volume of the Janie series does a fantastic job of adding depth to the characters of both Janie and her brother Stephen. They are each trying to deal with their anger – Stephen by moving to a new place to start over, and Janie by trying to track down the kidnapper. Neither one of them can have a normal life because they are obsessed with the crime that occurred when Janie was three. I loved the ending of this book, and the conclusion that Janie and Stephen, as well as Reeve and the younger brother Brian came to.


Janie got through the whole hamburger thing. She was pleasant and even funny because she liked the three people with her. But she was aware of the terrible anger sitting next to her on the rock, waiting to come back in, and she could hardly wait to get home, and be by herself, and go back to that folder and let the fury take over.

She thought she could probably produce enough rage to power the house. She could plug the toaster into her hand and burn the bread with her anger.

But no. Once again, she must be controlled and careful and a total fake in front of everybody. Janie Johnson: Good Guy. She was so sick of being good.


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