The Voice On The Radio – by Caroline B. Cooney (1996)

The Voice On The Radio


This book follows “The Face On The Milk Carton” and “Whatever Happened To Janie?”


“The Voice On The Radio” continues the story of Janie, the student who sees her own face on a milk carton in the school cafeteria, and realizes – to her horror – that she was kidnapped when she was three.

Janie Johnson is finishing up high school in Connecticut, while her boyfriend Reeve starts his freshman year at a college in Boston. Since it’s his first time living in a new place, Reeve is looking for a way to be known and listened to. The college has its own on-campus radio station, the perfect place to get his voice out there.

But being a radio DJ is harder than Reeve thought it would be. He blanks out on the air, unable to think of a thing to say – until he starts talking about his girlfriend Janie. Boston is far enough away from Reeve and Janie’s hometown that no one here seems to know about it. Before long students are calling the radio station, fascinated by the tale, and begging to hear more about Janie. By this time it has occurred to Reeve that perhaps it wasn’t the wisest thing to share on the air. But sadly, there is no way to un-say what has been said.


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