Found – by Margaret Peterson Haddix (2008)


From time to time, I take a departure from my regular adult-level books, and read a book that is supposed to be for teens or even kids. What I often find is a great story, one I wish had been there when I was in middle or high school. Such is “Found”, the first book in author Haddix’s “The Missing” series.

The novels opens with two 13-year-old friends, Jonah and Chip, getting identical letters in the mail that just say: “You are one of the missing.” They think it’s just some kind of joke – until they both get another letter than says: “Beware – they’re coming back to get you.” The friends try investigating on their own, and discover that they don’t know everything about their early life. They – along with 34 more people – have actually been stolen from other times and places. Someone is trying to locate and return them to their correct place in history.

I loved the conversations and the disagreements between Chip, Jonah, and Katherine (Jonah’s sister). They did indeed sound just the way siblings and close friends would react in this situation. Katherine isn’t quite one of the “missing”, but she tags along, and adds a interesting character to the mix. Jonah’s parents were very believable as well. This book is a great suspense/science fiction read that can enjoyed by just about anyone.


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