Check out that sodium!





I love to make homemade soup or stew. It seems like such a healthy alternative to most prepared foods. Then a member of our household found out high sodium in food was a migraine headache trigger. So I started checking labels on everything to see how much salt was in it. Who would have thought that my chicken broth made from the bouillon cubes had a whopping 890 mg per cup?

chickenbouillon 890 mg  Yes, 890 mg sodium in this type of broth!

So I tried making chicken broth from scratch.  I would bake a pan of chicken with some non-salt spices. When it was done cooking, I removed the meat and collected the liquid left in the pan. After it completely jelled in the fridge, I could scrape the layer of hardened grease into the trash, being careful to save the clear gelatin underneath. Then the gelatin got put in a pan with some other things, and simmered for awhile. Next the chicken and carrots and flat noodles could be added, and simmered until tasty. The broth was much weaker than the store-bought kind though.

So back to the store I went to scope out low-sodium broths. This was what I found at my local Aldi’s:

chickenbouillon 890 mg  850 mg sodium – yipes

chickenbroth 570 mg  570 mg sodium – better but still too high

chickenbouillon 140 mg  140 mg sodium!

At last – some chicken broth from the store that I can use if I don’t have time to make the homemade variety! My hat is off to Aldi’s for making a good variety of broths to choose from. Look around your local store to see what they offer, and consider trimming the sodium in your food if you’re having a lot of headaches.


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