Caring About Those Still Struggling With Addictions

Ashley Smith book cover  Ashley Smith

From “Unlikely Angel” by Ashley Smith, page 263

“I know that if I’m going to recover and stabilize my life for good, then I need solid people around me. I still pray all the time for the friends I knew in the drug scene. While it isn’t healthy for me to be with them right now, these people have good hearts and many God-given talents – they just can’t see through the fog of the drugs. I want these friends to make it out of all that, and I pray that what has happened in my life will impact them in some way. I want them to know God’s forgiveness and that it’s never too late for God to turn a life around. He’s the God of the second, third, fourth, and fifth chance; he never gives up on anyone. If he can change me – the one they called Crazy Girl – then he can do anything!”

This is the book review I posted a year ago today:




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