Thr3e – by Ted Dekker (2003)


Kevin has always been a loner. His childhood was anything but pleasant. But he’s moved on. Now he’s in his late 20’s, and is a grad student, studying for the ministry. Kevin has deep theological discussions with Professor Francis on the subject of good and evil.

One day it becomes more than theoretical. Kevin is driving along in his car when his cell phone rings. The caller claims to know him very well, and says his name is Slater. Slater rattles off a riddle and asks Kevin what it means. He has no idea. Then Slater says he has three minutes to call the newspaper and confess his sin, or his car will be blown up.

This is just the beginning of days of terror. Kevin is being hounded by a lunatic who is obsessed with riddles and numbers that are multiples of three. The local police and the FBI get involved in the case. Slater manages to stay a step ahead of them.

This book is a good psychological thriller. It probably could have been a little shorter (416 pages long), as it felt a bit stretched-out in spots. Nevertheless, it was an exciting read. The book was later made into a movie, but as is often the case, it was not nearly as good as the book.

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