I woke up to the perfect day – sunny and breezy with the promise of 78º by the afternoon. Enjoyed my creamy oatmeal with the usual cup of heavily-creamed coffee as a symphony of birds chattered in the back yard. Good day to use the clothesline, I mused. So a load of freshly-laundered towels was hung on the clothesline. One after the other, the neighbors took turns mowing their lawns and running the weed-whackers. The grandkids came over for a few hours, and we all headed for the back yard. They kicked humungous exercise balls around, drew with chalk, made interesting sculptures with the spare clothespins, and then sat in the grass to eat their juice-popsicles.

While the kids were laughing and running and hiding in the drying towels, I just sat on the swing and listened. So many sounds blended together – the little ones’ joyful voices, the low hum of the lawn mower, the squawking birds, the trees singing with their leaves, the sputter of a passing motorcycle, the creaking chains on my wooden swing, and the freeway noise in the distance. It felt peaceful and timeless. It could have been 2015, 2005, or even 1975.

Life is made up of mostly ordinary moments. But there’s beauty and joy in the ordinary. God’s hand is in the simple things. He’s right there in the mundane things of life. Don’t doubt it for a moment.


Author: alwaysreading2014

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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