All The Way Home – by Ann Tatlock (2002)

All The Way Home

This is the story of two little girls growing up in California during World War II who become inseparable friends. Augusta (Augie) comes from German-Irish roots; Hatsune (Sunny) is Japanese. The youngsters go to the same school and live only a few blocks apart. It’s not long before Augie begins to feel more a part of Sunny’s family than her own dysfunctional family. Neither of the girls are bothered by their different skin colors and family background. Their friendship flourishes until the day that Sunny’s family vanishes. Augie grieves for the loss of her friend, but there is nothing she can do.

The second half of the book jumps ahead many years. It is now the 1960’s. The Civil Rights movement is in full swing. Augie and Sunny have gone on with their lives in different parts of the country, unaware of what has happened to the other. Then one day they meet again. Can they pick back up their friendship, or have they changed too much?

What I love about this novel is the way Sunny and Augie see each other’s heart instead of their outward appearance. It’s the way a healthy relationship should be. I also like the way Sunny’s parents take Augie under their wing. It reminds me that we can make a difference in the lives of our kids’ friends. The author weaves together the themes of friendship, prejudice, discrimination, family relationships, and the Civil Rights movement into a wonderful story!

“All The Way Home” is available as a regular book, audiobook, or Kindle e-book.

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