Consider Reading Your Community College Newspaper

Collegiate - Jeorge

This year I discover an area of reading that I had never explored before: our local community college publications. Like many people, I assumed that their newspaper would only have stories of interest to those going to college. Wow, was I wrong!

The Grand Rapids Community College publishes a monthly newspaper, “The Collegiate”, in both traditional printed form, and also online. In addition to news stories about college events, I found stories about Artprize (an international art competition held in our city every fall), local memorial marches, presidential visits, book/movie reviews, and free events going on in the downtown area.

In addition to their monthly newspaper, they publish a magazine, simply called The Collegiate Magazine. Those glossy little booklets are goldmines! They contain some of the most inspiring life experience stories. I read about a couple who converted an old bus into a home, a young man attending college while battling alcoholism, a professor who is also a cowboy, a woman who moved from Senegal to the United States, a guy who is rebuilding his life and getting a college degree after spending time in prison, and a ballerina who was born with deformed hands.

The most recent one (Winter 2015 edition) is centered around the theme of living life to the fullest, and what hospice is really like. It covers the people who give the care, a chaplain, a man in his 80’s in a hospice center, a man in his 30’s with a wife and three children receiving hospice support at home, and more. It reminds us to live life in a positive way, whether we are in a difficult situation or are going through a terminal illness. This is one fine little magazine.

To see a sample of their stories, check out their website:

‘How do you live your best life?’

(scroll down to get to the article links!)


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