Our Brown Toad (April 17, 2015)


This morning I walked out the garage door and discovered a large brown toad with its leg stuck in a trap my husband had set out to catch the moles/voles that have been tunneling through our neighborhood for the last few years. The toad had managed to drag the trap about six feet from its original location. At first he appeared to be dead, but as I peered at him, I noticed a slight rise and fall of the back. He was still alive.

My son took the trap off him, but he looked near death. The sun had come up and was beating down on him. The toad’s skin looked quite dry. I got a shallow dish of room temperature water, poured it gently over him, and set the rest of the water in front of him. The little fellow stared up at me, but didn’t drink anything.

Maybe my being there was traumatizing him, I speculated. So I went in, but came back out ten minutes later to check on him. He had burrowed his back end into the moist ground. Was he just frightened, or did he want to burrow down because he was dying? I put a brown paper bag over him, leaving one side open for light, then left to do my daily work. My husband went around the garage several hours later, and was startled by a large brown toad hopping away.

Every creature, great or small, fights to survive. Doesn’t matter if the creature is a human, a dog, a lion, a bird, or a lowly toad. It’s something our Creator ingrained in us. Each day of life is a gift to be thankful for.

Author: alwaysreading1

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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