Trial By Ordeal – by Craig Parshall (2006)

Trial By Ordeal


Kevin Hastings is a college professor who is unsatisfied with life. His employer clearly doesn’t want to give him tenure, his girlfriend has lost interest in him, and everyone else seems to be getting ahead while he’s standing still. What’s a guy to do? He calls trusty Uncle Mort, who tells him there is a fortune to be made in flipping properties. Buy cheap, sell high, make a bundle, he says. So Kevin buys an abandoned church, and immediately has a buyer. But instead of striking it rich, Kevin finds himself in the middle of lawsuits and the Mob.

The book seemed like a nightmare you might have, where you’re running from danger and you just can’t get away from the bad guys. I enjoyed the fast-paced story line, and the twists and turns of the legal process. As the old saying goes, when something seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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