Easter Sunday 2015

Jesus walking out of tomb

It was about 5:30 this morning that the music started. Nighttime was not quite over, but the new day was not yet started. I was somewhere between awake and asleep when I heard it. Someone was singing as if they were standing in the room:

“I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold;
I’d rather be His than have riches untold;
I’d rather have Jesus than houses or lands;
I’d rather be led by His nail-pierced hand.”

There was more to the song, but that’s the part that the woman kept singing. Finally I became fully awake, and found myself here, still on planet Earth, but fully refreshed. I sit here with my bowl of oatmeal and cup of coffee, still thinking about the song. Yes, having Jesus really is better than anything this world offers! I hope each one of you is touched and blessed by Jesus today.


Author: alwaysreading2014

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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