“Could Be Worse!” – by James Stevenson (1977)

Could Be Worse

When we were kids, every little thing that went wrong was a big deal. As we grew up, we learned that the things that bothered us were just small stuff in comparison to the major problems of adulthood.

In this story, Mary Ann and Louie keep telling Grandpa all the things that are going wrong. To their dismay, he just answers: “Could be worse!” They conclude that Grandpa doesn’t understand their situation because he has a boring life with no problems. When Grandpa overhears their conversation, he cooks up a whopper of a tall tale about his worst day.

The author not only wrote a wildly funny story, but added great illustrations to each and every page. In fact, kids who can’t read yet will be able to “read” you the story just by looking at the series of pictures. If you love this story as much as my family did, there are more books about Grandpa and the grand-kids! But this is the one that started it all.

Other “Grandpa” books:

That Terrible Halloween Night (1980)

We Can’t Sleep (1982)

The Great Big Especially Beautiful Easter Egg (1983)

Grandpa’s Great City Tour: An Alphabet Book (1983)

What’s Under My Bed? (1983)

Worse Than Willy (1984)

That Dreadful Day (1985)

No Friends (1986)

Will You Please Feed Our Cat (1987)

We Hate Rain! (1988)

Grandpa’s Too-Good Garden (1989)

Brrr (1991)

That’s Exactly The Way It Wasn’t (1991)

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