I Remember Running – by Darcy Wakefield (2005)

I Remember Running

Having read this book cover to cover two times, I have both great admiration and great sadness for the author. Darcy was an English professor at a college in Maine. She taught with great enthusiasm, ate healthy food, and got plenty of exercise. One of her favorite things to do was run. If she wasn’t running, she was swimming or hiking. Despite her lifestyle, she was diagnosed with ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease – at the age of 33.

What I admired so much about Darcy was her determination to accomplish her life goals before ALS rendered her incapable of doing so. She wanted to find a soul mate, buy a house of her own, and have a child. That she was able to do them all in a year was amazing. I also was impressed with the way she endeavored to live as normal a life as possible, and managed to keep her sense of wit as she wrote this book.

No matter how upbeat Darcy was, the story was still tinged with sadness as her condition grew worse. She would not be able to finish raising her baby. There would be no miraculous cure. I was also sad that during her last year of life, she only seemed to experience God as an impersonal deity that she would pray to, rather than having a personal relationship with Jesus and walking through it with His comfort.

So why read this book? First of all, to understand what it is like to experience a serious, fast-moving disease and how one very special person handled it. Secondly, to be reminded to slow down and notice the beauty of the little things that we miss because we are rushing through life. Lastly, to consider that none of us are guaranteed a long life, so be prepared to meet the One who made you.


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3 thoughts on “I Remember Running – by Darcy Wakefield (2005)”

  1. Thank you for reading this book review, Marcy. I read a bit of your blog, and am praying that you will feel Jesus by your side tomorrow as you go through your Wednesday treatment. I am so sorry for all the pain you have had to go through.


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