How Do We Treat People Who Are Different From Us?

Shortly after I read the book “Be Different”,  there was a news story about two brothers at a school in Kansas City who were being harassed because they were different. The older brother was called a fag, tripped, threatened, had food thrown on him, to the point of being afraid to retrieve his violin from his locker.  His younger brother had Attention Deficit Disorder, anxiety disorder, and Asperger Syndrome. A dispute over a seat in the school cafeteria ended with him being beaten so badly that he required a five-day stay in the hospital.

When we put people in categories, and decide that some categories are superior to other ones, we start thinking it’s okay to mistreat people who are too different from us. God made every one of us, and He made us ALL different. If you have never met or worked with someone who has Asberger’s, for example, at least read about it so that you’ll have a better understanding when you do bump into someone who has that bend.  It really comes down to these words of Jesus:
“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” (Matthew 7:12a)


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