Valentine’s Day


It’s interesting what people think Valentine’s Day is about: expensive flowers, fancy chocolates, greeting cards with sentimental thoughts, maybe a new ring. Bright red is the color of the day.

But none of these things come close to what Valentine’s Day is about. The day is named after a priest named Valentine who lived during the reign of  Emperor Claudius II.  The Romans needed as large an army as possible, so Claudius made it illegal for young men to marry. Father Valentine would secretly marry young couples, in direct defiance of the law. In 269 A.D., he was caught and executed in a way that made him an example to anyone else thinking of disobeying the emperor: First he was put in prison and tortured. Then he was beaten and stoned. Finally, he was decapitated. Perhaps the red color that symbolizes Valentine’s Day comes from the bloody end to Valentine’s life.

There is not a lot known about this priest, but that man did what he believed was right in the eyes of God, even though it cost him his life. Compare that to the shallowness of romantic love that depends on sweets and expensive gifts. Just something to ponder…


Author: alwaysreading2014

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