Best Foot Forward – by Joan Bauer (2005, re-printed 2006)

Best Foot Forward

If you enjoyed “Rules Of The Road”, you’ll find “Best Foot Forward” to be a reading delight. Feisty old Mrs. Gladstone may have passed over control of the family shoe-store chain to her son Eldon, but she is still the Quality Control officer. High school student Jenna is passionate about selling people shoes that will fit perfectly and suit their lifestyle. Long-time salesman Murray is there too, ever loyal. When Mrs. Gladstone adds Tanner, a guy with a tendency toward kleptomania, to their staff, Jenna and Murray feel she is making a big mistake.

Jenna is given more responsibility in the business. It’s not easy. Alden has merged the family shoe business with Shoe Warehouse, a discount chain. Now things are more difficult. There is a constant tug-of-war between quality and profits. What’s an employee to do?

What I love most is the camaraderie of the workers at the shoe-store. It makes me want to be sitting there in a corner, just watching everyone. Mrs. Gladstone, Murray, Jenna and Tanner are different ages and temperaments, but they all stand united in their fight to preserve the spirit of the old family business. It’s a very satisfying conclusion to the first book.


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