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There’s nothing quite like having someone read to you. I loved it as a kid; I love it as an adult. The public libraries do a great job of giving us a selection of audiobooks/books on CD to borrow for a few weeks at no cost. There are also paid monthly subscriptions for audiobooks through companies like But what if you’d like to have some stories to keep that won’t cost a penny? Then take a look at Librivox!

Librivox was begun in 2005 by a Canadian named Hugh McGuire. The site is limited to books and short stories that are free of copyright restrictions in Canada and the United States. Most of them were published in the early 1900’s or even the 1800’s. Volunteers read aloud/record the books, then submit them to Librivox to be added to their ever-growing collection. There are no ads, but at the beginning of each chapter, the reader states that all Librivox recordings are in the public domain. Anyone is allowed to download audiobooks from the website at no cost, and with no limit on the number of books.

Here’s the link to their site:

Like Philip K. Dick science fiction?  There are quite a few of his short stories on Librivox!

Librivox Philip K Dick


My favorite audiobooks on Librivox are the Lucy Maud Montgomery books. You will notice that some books have been recorded more than once. There is no limit to the number of times a book can be recorded and submitted by different readers. Occasionally you will find a dramatized reading of the book, meaning that there is a separate reader for each character in the book. A great example of this is “Anne Of The Island” version 3, with Arielle Lipshaw as the main narrator. When you find an excellent reader like Ms. Lipshaw, search to see what other books she/he has submitted.

Librivox Anne Of The Island


Give Librivox a shot. You may discover that the “old” reads are sometimes just as good as the new reads!



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