Don’t Kill The Birthday Girl – by Sandra Beasley (2011)

Don't Kill The Birthday Girl


Most of us can enjoy a wonderful meal with our family and friends at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a birthday without analyzing what we are eating. You may have a milk intolerance, get a headache from eating chocolate, or be allergic to peanuts, but it’s not a big deal. You just avoid that one thing that doesn’t agree with you, and everything is fine. But what if you were allergic to more than a dozen things – and not just mildly, but severely?

Sandra Beasley almost didn’t survive infancy because she was allergic to every possible kind of milk given to her. As she grew, her parents discovered more and more things that her body could not tolerate. This autobiography is a window into the life of a person who has to double and triple check everything she ingests to make sure it won’t kill her.

The author also writes about the medical research that is being done on allergies, and treatments that have been tried. More and more people seem to be struggling with allergies to foods, so this is an important area of medicine. Reading this book gave me a better understanding of how serious this condition can be, and how it affects people’s lives.

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