Turnabout – by Margaret Peterson Haddix (2000, 2007)


Have you ever wished you could go back to an earlier time in your life? Your body would be stronger, healthier, and faster. Hearing and eyesight would be improved. Your memory would be accurate. Life would be more carefree. Everything would be better – right?

At the beginning of this novel, Melly and Anny Beth are both approaching 100 and living in a nursing home. They and a number of the other residents are given the chance to participate in a medical study that will help them “un-age”. They agree to be in Project Turnabout, which is kept a secret from the world.

The story goes back and forth from 2000, when the project is started, to 2085, when Melly and Anny Beth have “un-aged” back to youth. Life is not quite what they thought it would be.  The book portrays what the fountain of youth might be like if we ever found it.


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