The Last Thing I Remember – by Andrew Klavan (2009)

The Last Thing I Remember


Charlie West is just an ordinary guy whose life revolves around homework and karate. He works hard, follows the rules, and is well-liked by everyone. Charlie is just starting a relationship with Beth, one of the sweetest girls in high school. Life is good – until the day he wakes up strapped to a chair with strangers interrogating him.

When it becomes clear that the situation is not a dream but is actually happening, Charlie has to use every ounce of strength and wit to get free of his captors. Winston Churchhill’s “Never give up” speech runs through his head over and over as he struggles to survive. From this point on, Charlie is running and hiding and trying to remember what happened in the past year that brought him to this place.

I loved the way the author lets you feel everything that Charlie is experiencing in his mind – the confusion, the terror, the anxiety, and the relief. The story sucks you in and makes you feel as if you’ve been dropped into someone’s nightmare. The storyline moves back and forth from the present to the last day that Charlie can remember. The end of the book leaves the story dangling, but that’s okay because it continues in the second book, “The Long Way Home”.

(This book is the first in the young adult series: “The Homelanders”)

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