Over The Edge – by Brandilyn Collins (2013)

Over The Edge


This novel by Brandilyn Collins highlights the issue of Lyme Disease. The main character, Janessa, is married to an influential medical researcher, Brock McNeil, who believes that the condition is easy to treat, and that there is no such thing as Chronic Lyme Disease. Then Janessa is bit by a tick that is purposely placed on her while she sleeps. Almost overnight she becomes so ill that she can’t take care of her daughter. Her husband doesn’t believe she really has Lyme Disease. Janessa struggles to find someone who can properly diagnose her.

The descriptions of how the tick bite is affecting Janessa’s body are so vivid that you can almost feel them yourself. It doesn’t seem that one tick bite could turn a person into an invalid, but the story is very true-to-life. In fact, the author herself has struggled with Lyme Disease, not once but twice. That is why this book is so compelling. If you’re looking for a fast-paced medical thriller to read, look no farther than “Over The Edge”.

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