Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good – by Jan Karon (2014)

Somewhere Safe With Someone Good


This is the 10th book in the Mitford series, featuring Father Tim, his wife Cynthia, and the little town of Mitford. It returns to the flavor of the first four books – At Home In Mitford, A Light In The Window, These High Green Hills, and Out To Canaan. Not that the other books in the series were bad, they just moved around to other locations and new characters. In this book, the focus is back on life in this wonderful little town.

The book was sheer nostalgia for me. Father Tim is still agonizing over his weight, battling the old habit of saying “yes” too often, having lunch with his buddies J.C. Hogan and Mule Skinner, visiting seniors, and trying to straighten out one of the unruly Barlow kids. He ends up running the town’s bookstore, which seems like a great fit for him. By the end of the story, I wanted to hang out in the little bookstore.

Sometimes you just want a book that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, a book that tells of a place where there are no terrorists, no violence, no political unrest, just ordinary people that care about each other and take care of those in need. If you want to escape the nasty, problem-ridden world for awhile, pick up this book at your public library or a bookstore. Enjoy!


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