Rilla Of Ingleside – by L.M. Montgomery (1921)

Rilla Of Ingleside


This is the last book in the “Anne Of Green Gables” series. It almost doesn’t belong in the series, for two reasons. First, the author wrote this book to portray what life was like for young women in Canada as they went through the years of the Great War (World War I). The book has a totally different tone than the other books, which are light-hearted and humorous. Secondly, the main character of this book is not Anne, but her 14-year-old daughter Rilla.

The story begins with Rilla being a pampered child who knows nothing of war. As the men-folk are recruited to fight in Europe, Rilla learns about the places and politics of countries across the ocean. Everyone at home is expected to contribute to the “war effort”, and this is what changes Rilla from a child into a caring, lovely young woman as she waits for the men she loves to return home.

This book has been printed more than 20 times over the years. I purchased the 2010 unabridged, restored version published by Viking Canada. Your local public library probably has a copy you can check out. If you’re not able to locate a printed copy, you can download it from Amazon. They have several e-book versions for Kindle, one being free (as of the writing of this review). The story is also available to purchase as an audiobook, with Barbara Caruso as the narrator.


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