Double Blind – by Brandilyn Collins (2012)

Double Blind


Let’s say you’re a person suffering from deep depression or post-traumatic stress syndrome. You’ve tried handling on your own, thinking it would eventually go away with time. You’ve gone to psychologists, but all the talking doesn’t help. You’ve been on a variety of medications, but are no better. Life is becoming torturous. What would you be willing to do to get your mind back to normal again?

In this novel, the main character – Lisa – has reached the limit of her endurance. She cannot go on with the terrible depression that has been plaguing her. She agrees to have a chip imbedded in her brain that will program her to be happy again. At first this cutting-edge surgery seems like the answer to her depression, but it isn’t long before an odd side effect begins. Has she traded one demon for another?

Although the storyline seems a little fantastic, the book does a great job of making you consider how much technology should play a role in our lives. When is it good, and when does it become counter-productive? Lots of food for thought in this novel. Discussion questions are at the back of the book, should you want to use it for a book discussion group.

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