The Eye Of Moloch – by Glenn Beck (2013)

The Eye Of Moloch
What do you do when life has kicked you down over and over, the world is against you, and your hope is gone? You retreat to lick your wounds, rest for a bit, then re-group to decide whether it’s worth doing battle again.

This is the condition at the beginning of “The Eye Of Moloch”. Six months have passed since the end of “The Overton Window”. The band of Founders’ Keepers is a defeated group. The fire seems to have gone out. But from the ashes of despair comes a small spark that re-ignites the flame. They become convinced that no matter how outnumbered they are, they just can’t quit.

The book is full of action, impossible situations, heroic characters, and government oppression. The story introduces another group of people who say they want to restore America, but are brutal and violent. They want to merge with the Founders’ Keepers group, which wants no part of them. Although the battle seems impossible to win, you will feel hope rising in you by the end of the book.


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