The Overton Window – by Glenn Beck (2010)

The Overton Window


Meet Noah Gardner, a young man who is living a comfortable life as a PR executive in his wealthy father’s Wall Street company. He knows many of the company secrets, and is savvy enough to know that there are a handful of individuals who control the American economy and the government.

When he meets Molly Ross, he has to re-think what he knows and believes. Ms. Ross is part of a movement of citizens who are trying to expose the corruption in the government and advocate that more power be returned to the people.

As the story progresses, you may find yourself going back and forth on whether various characters are the good guys or the enemies. When you see the truth, what’s the best thing to do? Do you join radicals in trying to overthrow the government, try to enlighten the general public in the hopes that an outcry will bring change, or continue with the flow because you believe society couldn’t handle the truth?

Although it sounds as if the story could be a put-down of one or the other major political party, the author never mentions either one as the cause of the problem. In fact, you aren’t even given information about whether there is a Democrat or a Republican president in the White House, or which party controls Congress. The book is fiction, but it certainly mirrors reality.


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